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Dick Casablancas
07 September 2007 @ 07:04 pm
I heard what people said after Cassidy died. They were throwing around the words hero and villain. For once villain wasn’t the term being tagged to Veronica’s name. Wow, she should be so proud. No, villain was what they called my little brother.

I’m not really saying that they shouldn’t call him that. He did some horrible things to a lot of people. He murdered a bus load of kids, he … well he just did a lot of things I never though my little brother capable of. I mean he was always this scrawny little virgin kid that Logan, Duncan and I kept around because he was my brother and he needed help in all the ways we didn’t. He was probably the best one of all of us before Woody fucking Goodman fucked him up and I mean that quite literally. If Cas hadn’t killed Goodman with that bomb on that plane I would have killed him myself for what he did to my brother.

I wasn’t always great to Cassidy. I called him Beaver even though he fucking hated it more than anything else in the world. I always just thought he was being a brat about it. We were Dick and the Beave. It worked, or at least I always thought it did. I teased him and I know that I took things too far on more than one occasion but I just didn’t realize it all back then. What is it they say about hindsight?

It’s fucking 20/20 right?

I’m the real villain of this story, not Cassidy.

Muse: Dick Casablancas
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Word Count: 263
Dick Casablancas
TEN women Dick Continually has fantasies about.

1. Kendall Casablancas
2. Madison Sinclair
3. Dawn Summers
4. Veronica Mars
5. Lilly Kane
6. Mac
7. Parker Lee
8. Jackie Cook
9. Meg Manning
10. Gia Goodman

Muse | Dick Casablancas
Fandom | Veronica Mars
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Dick Casablancas
TEN nightmares/dreams you've had.

1. Cassidy's blood on the pavement in front of the grand, his body broken in front of my eyes.

2. Sitting on the bus as it sails over the edge of that cliff, hanging on to Meg tightly.

3. Walking in on Mercer raping a girl, first Madison and then she morphs into Veronica and then Samantha and then Regina and he looks at me like I should know what it's like.

4. Mom and dad's second wedding. Nightmare.

5. Cassidy asking me to give him something to live for and I can't.

6. Jumping off the grand and trying to fall in the same spot as my brother, the ground thick with Casablancas blood and bone.

7. Dying alone and old.

8. Marrying Madison.

9. Surfing in south america with Logan, Duncan and Cassidy.

10. Pushing my brother off the roof.

Dick Casablancas
Veronica Mars
Dick Casablancas
Write about a recurring dream you've had. (Or, if you've never had one, write about the most vivid dream you can remember.)

I'll refrain from going into that horrifying dream where my brother is asking me instead of Logan to give him something to live for. I don't know if that's exactly what happened because Logan doesn't talk about it but in my dream that's what he's asking me. Anyways, that's the most recurring dream I have these days and waking up sweaty and screaming for my little brother really puts a fucking damper on the morning after. Of course on those Coyote Ugly mornings its completely welcome because it freaks the ugly chicks out that a guy like me has issues. Who would have thought. Show some actual emotion and girls just get the fuck out.

I should have guessed that from my years with Madison I suppose.

So we'll go with more detail in another dream. I used to have this one where Jenna (Jameson, people keep up) is giving me the most fan-fucking-tastic blow job and I always woke up with a hard on but lately there's been this other dream that's been a welcome reprieve from my Cassidy-suicide dreams.

Regina Landry. The girl doesn't like me too much which is okay because I'm going to win her over. I'm pretty sure she's the girl I'm going to marry. Definitely the girl of my dreams in a literal sense. Surprisingly the dream isn't even fucking sexual either. Of course now that I think of it I'm not so sure I want to share. It's not my usual style.

Ahh, Fuck it.

So she's pregnant which would normally be like what the fuck ever, see-ya but Reggie's different. Anyways, not only is she pregnant but we've already got a kid, a little girl and she's playing with D's little girl because in this dream D's back and he's been forgiven and everything is just freaking peachy. Dreams are good for shifting reality like that. So I'm sitting in front of the TV with this little girl that looks like a mix of Reg and me and Reg is on the couch and she definitely doesn't hate me anymore. We're watching the little fucking mermaid and I'm playing with the little girl and she's so beautiful.

So call me a sap or whatever. But hey, Ariel is pretty hot.

Anyways. Best dream I've ever had. Which is why I know I'm gonna marry that girl.

Muse: Dick Casablancas
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Word Count: 394
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Dick Casablancas
08 August 2007 @ 04:26 pm
TEN people Dick wishes he could meet

1. Jenna Jameson
2. Juli Ashton,
3. Ashlyn Gere
4. Asia Carrera
5. Racquel Darrian
6. Tera Patrick
7. Briana Banks
8. Stacy Valentine
9. Jill Kelly
10. Silvia Saint

Dick Casablancas
Veronica Mars
Dick Casablancas
10 Influential People.

1. Richard Casablancas Sr.
2. Cassidy Casablancas
3. Logan Echolls
4. Duncan Kane
5. Madison Sinclair
6. Veronica Mars
7. Jenna Jameson for all my porn needs.
8. Lilly Kane
9. Melinda Button. The first Mrs. Casablancas even if it only lasted like a day.
10. Dirk Diggler.
Dick Casablancas
188 - Write two letters: One to someone you hurt and the other to someone who hurt you.

someone you hurtCollapse )

someone who hurt youCollapse )

Dick Casablancas // 588 // Veronica Mars
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Dick Casablancas
Ten things Dick Casablancas misses. Generally speaking.

1. The old days, when he Duncan, Logan and Cassidy would hang out and act like guys and there were no girls around to distract them or ruin them. Fucking women. Not that he didn’t like fucking women … cause you know.
2. Cassidy. Fuck anyone who says anything about that.
3. Madison. She might be a bitch and he might find her annoying sometimes but he did love her and that’s something.
4. That surf board Veronica smashed under her car. Bitch.
5. Richard Sr. Fuck it, he hates him.
6. When sex used to be more than something to pass the time.
7. There was a time when living in Neptune was boring, people didn’t get murdered or raped (well not anyone he knows or gives a shit about and he’ll totally deny that he cares about Veronica Mars at all if anyone ever calls him on it) and they didn’t jump off the roof of the Neptune Grand.
8. Not caring about the world around him or how he came across and affected other people. Ignorance is fucking bliss dude.
9. Madison.
10. Cassidy.
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Dick Casablancas
03 July 2007 @ 07:49 pm
If he stands in just the right spot on the roof of the Neptune Grand he’s sure he can see a faint stain. He imagines that stain is what’s left of his brother and it takes him back to that night at the morgue when he had to identify the body. He still dreams about the grotesque and battered image of his little brother. The kid he used to tease mercilessly and enjoy hurting with words and jokes. It was fucked and he probably knew it the whole time he was doing it but it all seems so fucking far away even now.

Sometimes he wants to call up Veronica fucking Mars and ask her what happened up there ask her what he said and if he cried.

He asked Logan once and he knows it took his friend off guard but here are the two people that were there when my brother died. The last moments of his life were spent with them and it haunts Dick to no end. And then there’s this person that he is and he looks at his father when he shows up.

Dick just wants to ask “Where the fuck were you?!” but it’s not like their mother was around either. Poor Casablancas kids. One’s a prick and the other is a murderer/rapist.

So he goes up to the roof a lot, more than is healthy he’s sure and he stares down at that stain and it’s a fucking triumph every time he manages not to throw himself off and make the stained concrete thick with more Casablancas blood.

Dick might be a shallow asshole whose not the smartest monkey in the barrel but he’s not heartless or uncaring and he hurts every fucking day.

Dick misses his brother and he asks himself everyday, what if.

Muse: Dick Casablancas
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Word Count: 303
Current Mood: awake
Dick Casablancas
26 June 2007 @ 10:58 am
I think I’m the reason my brother ended up the way he was. That’s my big secret. I’m not sure it’s really a secret because everybody else pretty much thinks the same thing I’m sure. Dick the big asshole always treated his little brother like shit and that’s why the kid killed, raped and jumped off a freaking building! I know, I think these things every goddamn day. I know it’s true so if you’re one of those people who maybe thinks that I should get some sympathy I don’t care. I know it’s true.

In essence my dad and I? We crashed that bus and we gave him the tools for what he did to Veronica and even Mac. There is no freaking doubt in my mind that him jumping off that roof and holding that gun were because of us. We did that to him. Sure Woody fucking Goodman is a bastard and I hate him and if the man weren’t dead I’d kill him myself for what he did to my little brother. But I might as well had shoved him off that roof myself.

That’s my big secret. Thrilling I’m sure.

Dick Casablancas // Veronica Mars // 196